After Work(-ing from home) Drinks
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Well, working from home, courtesy of the coronavirus has undoubtedly ruined one thing.  The after-work drinks.  Folding up your laptop and announcing to your cat that it’s been a hell of a day and asking if it would like a gin and tonic isn’t quite the same thing as the questioning eyebrow from a colleague and the happy phrase “Quick drink before home?”

Obviously, we’ve all experienced the distressing “quick drinks before home” that have ended up in an Australian bar at 2am but generally an after-work drink provides a welcome release, a time to let the guard down slightly, enjoy a slight whinge and a healthy dollop of gossip.  It also means you get it out of your system before you arrive home to bore your partner/dog with it.

So given we’re all going to be WFH for the next three weeks at the very least, it’s genuinely important that we work out a way of getting shot of that crotchety feeling and maintain our group bonding as, boy, are we going to need it.