Case Studies

PR for Cloud Companies

Cloud computing has affected virtually every industry there is and large parts of all our lives are hosted in the cloud. At Ballou, we help your business cut through the noise to add real value to the conversations around cloud computing – the risks, the benefits, the potential and what the future holds. We help you find your company’s unique voice to reach the audiences that matter to you.

Fintech PR

Since the financial crash of 2008, the fintech sector has exploded. From digital banking, insuretech, peer-to-peer lending, international money transfers and alternative payment systems, investors are falling over themselves to back the next unicorn.

At Ballou, we are experts at helping you build your brand, your profile and your reputation. We craft compelling content to ensure your online and offline presence reaches your key audiences. Our media contacts are second to none, and we make sure you’re talking to the right people in the right way at the right time.

Mobility PR

Technology is changing every aspect of our lives and how we get around is no exception. From taxi apps to electric scooters, we are experts in helping you get your brand on the radar and your app on the screens of the people that matter. We build your voice and reputation to make you part of the debates and news cycles that matter too.

PR for Open Source Companies

Open source has been a core part of the development of the internet as we know it. By opening software up for collaborative development, huge strides have been taken that might otherwise never been achieved. We work with some of the world’s leading open source organisations, raising their profiles, amplifying their voices and ensuring important debates on topics such as openness, transparency and security are played out in the mainstream media.

Venture Capital PR

As a General Partner herself, our founder Colette knows the Venture Capital sector as well as anybody. Her knowledge and connections mean Ballou is best placed to put your VC fund on the map. Whether you want to publicise your latest raise, or shout about the success of your portfolio companies or latest exit, we are here to help raise your profile and ensure your deal flow is both high quantity and high quality.