Starship-Technologies opts for Ballou Germany

Avatar-Foto Cedric Voigt - 4th Mai, 2017

Ballou PR Germany is now working with Starship Technologies (, the Estonian-based leading manufacturer of delivery robots. Ballou has already announced Starship’s collaboration with Domino’s Pizza to test the delivery robots in Hamburg.

Transforming the „last mile“
Founded in 2014 by the two Skype founders, Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis, Starship Technologies has developed an autonomous delivery robot that delivers packages, food and other goods within a radius of five km in 15-30 minutes. The delivery robots move autonomously and are monitored in a control centre by people who can intervene at any time to control their behaviour.

Working with Starship allows Ballou Germany to leverage their experience in the logistics and delivery space – current clients also include market leaders in delivery, Liefery and time-matters.

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