To launch the high end e-bikes brand and retail opening in France

  • 22 Pieces of coverage in 3 months, including stories on TV, radio, web and print media
  • 11 Bikes reviewed in only 3 months
  • 6 Interviews, among which 1 TV shooting

The Objective

Ballou was asked to help VanMoof launch in France, cover the opening of the first VanMoof shop in Paris and establish the brand and its products as a key partner in everyday life.

The Campaign

Ballou invited journalists to the shop opening and generated a huge amount of interest and in VanMoof by introducing them to the founders and trialling and reviewing the bikes.

The Results

Thanks to Ballou, VanMoof is now well established among journalists and the public and is one of the main players in ebikes. This created the foundation for a long relationship and Ballou continues to work with VanMoof on communications campaigns projects.


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