The problem with quirkiness

- 13th Mai, 2020

We’ve had Elon Musk with his space rockets, his online feuds and his child, who has apparently been named after what happens when your cat gets on the keyboard.  We’ve had Jeff Abramovich and his yacht with its own missile defence system.  Now the new eccentric entrepreneur on the block is Rony Abovitz who claimed that Magic Leap, his AI start up built around digital content via a headset, was worked by “squirrels and sea monkeys”.  Cue PR person with head in their hands, rocking gently.

Mr Abovitz however may not be on the block for long, as his first prototype was the size of a washing machine and the accompanying promotional video was revealed to owe a little more to CGI than was preferable.  Merger partners faded away and Mr Abovitz is now licking his wounds.

Perhaps, just perhaps, being facetious to a tech journalist about how your product works is only a successful strategy if people have experienced it…um…working.  Just a thought.

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