Raising brand awareness: An interview with Mooncascade

Avatar photo Christoph Grimsel - 15th Juin, 2022

Ballou PR: Who are you and what do you do? Briefly describe your company.

Mooncascade: Mooncascade is an advisory, design and software development company that guides businesses through the ever-changing digital landscape. Whether it’s defining clear business goals, expanding an existing service or launching a new Fintech product, Mooncascade knows the way. 

Our vision is a world where nothing stands in the way of great ideas becoming reality. Our mission is to help small companies grow and established businesses move quickly. Our promise is to be there for the long ride. To guide you through the challenges of the Fintech world.

Ballou PR: What makes a successful PR strategy for your company and how has Ballou helped to develop and evolve this strategy – please also think of company messaging in general, which we worked on together in the rebranding process.

Mooncascade: Our primary PR strategic goals were launching the Mooncascade GmbH PR campaign, raising brand awareness and building thought leadership by publishing new case studies and strategic bylines.

A successful PR strategy has to include all those goals. It needs to be tied to solid PR tactics, such as developing company messaging, introducing thought leaders whose expertise helps build awareness for the brand and proving the value that our services have towards (potential) customers – meaning that we as a company are well-known within the German Fintech sector.

Ballou helped us to set the stage for all of that and having a trusted partner in our target market was vital for us to kickstart the PR in Germany.

During the first months of our partnership, we worked on building the messaging platform (Ballou helped us to build a messaging house during our rebranding process), scoping out the topic strategy (and processes from both sides that needed to be implemented) and consolidating the necessary PR documents.

In the later process stage of our partnership, Ballou has helped us to identify the topic centered messages behind our strategy, execute the measures and reach our goals as a result. We are glad to see that, thanks to this collaboration, we have created collateral, from company press-releases and thought leadership articles to case studies and outlets, and our combined articles have reached over 14 million monthly unique users.

Nevertheless, we’d like to highlight the thought leadership work we have been executing together. As mentioned, our declared goal was to raise awareness in the German Fintech landscape and to build awareness of our services. We identified relevant topics, discussed pitching angles (ie what’s the key to good project management, what are the hurdles in customer onboarding in Fintech etc) and compiled the relevant information. So far, the coverage that achieved most traction was thought leadership by-lined articles, which allowed us to reach both the Fintech and developer sector as well as a broader, tech-savvy audience.

Ballou PR: What obstacles have you faced most in PR so far and how has Ballou been able to help you overcome them?

Mooncascade: As always there are mutual learning points in any collaboration. One of the main obstacles in the later partnership process has been the timeline of getting GmbH established. Due to various internal and legal German processes it took us some time to get the GmbH established, causing timeline gaps which needed to be filled with other projects.

During that time, Ballou has given us valuable support by helping us prepare all the necessary information and providing a weekly progress overview. 

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