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The deadly sins of ecommerce PR

Over the years we’ve worked with companies at the forefront of ecommerce and helped them gain traction and buy-in.  We’ve worked on those supplying the back-end of the ecommerce business right through to those creating store fronts, like Shopify, to enhance the customer experience.  As a result, we’ve noticed a few common elements that ecommerce… Read More

Is Your PR Covid Safe?

Is Your PR Covid Safe?

We’re told continually that coronavirus is going to change fundamentally the way in which we live and work.  It’s an anxious time for everyone, and in the midst of it, your PR agency has to work alongside journalists to continue getting your stories out in a timely and seemly manner.  How do you know they’re… Read More


SEO Services

As a technology PR agency, we get approached by many start-ups. Our usual advice? Don’t do PR, yet. It’s an unusual sales tactic for a PR agency, but we work with high-growth and high-value tech companies in corporate, B2C and B2B PR as well as valuation-raising and crisis communication programs and there’s not a great… Read More

5 Ways SEO can help PR

SEO Training

SEO and PR have for a long time been separate disciplines, or at least separate teams who view each other with some suspicion. The two disciplines of SEO and PR aren’t so far apart in reality and in fact by working together, you can turbo boost those elusive rankings. Here are our five key pieces… Read More

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