Quiet defiance

Avatar photo Cedric Voigt - 2nd Apr, 2020

The phrase “Blitz spirit” is being bandied about frequently at the moment, (generally by those who are desperate to demonstrate it whether it’s actually required or not).  As has been pointed out in response, “you couldn’t catch the Blitz”.  What this requires is the total opposite; don’t go out and carry on, stay in and stop.

This doesn’t mean though that we can’t demonstrate small acts of defiance.   We can defy ennui, and the fear and the vulnerability that we’re all feeling by feigning a confidence we maybe don’t feel.  Make your WFH area look clean and inviting, have something decent for lunch rather than leftovers, wear smart clothes and polished shoes.  We’ve always done it.  In the Second World War, sales of bright red lipstick rocketed.  The Suffragettes, in 1912, were given bright red lipsticks by Elizabeth Arden.

It may sound superficial, but this has a beneficial effect on mental health.  Also, sticking to a routine and keeping yourself and your kit clean, smart and ready at all times is part of military discipline, so it’s one part of the wartime spirit that we should be adopting.

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