Social Media

Here at Ballou, we want to help our clients get their message in front of the right people, and nothing quite amplifies your voice like social media. There are many different avenues that you can take when it comes to social media and paid social and our expert team here will guide you down the path that is best for you.

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Social Media Campaigns

Campaigns on Social Media

We are experts at deriving joined up campaigns to build and engage your audience on social channels. We help create stories that are sticky and shareable, as well as artwork and video to maximises likes. If the news takes a turn for the worse, we can help you navigate the choppy waters ensuring you respond quickly and appropriately to protect your hard-won reputation.

Social Media Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Harness the power of LinkedIn’s Audience to deliver your message to the right people in the right business. We will help you craft your creative and become laser-focused with your targeting in order to raise awareness and generate leads.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook has some of the most advanced targeting capabilities around, able to define audiences with multiple variables such as interests, demographics and engagement. Factor in its 2 billion+ monthly user base on top of that, and you can start to see some serious potential for growing your audience. Ballou can help deliver highly targeted, effective campaigns that hit that sweet spot.

Twitter Ads

With 330 million users, Twitter is definitely the place to be. Our expert in-house team will collaborate with you to understand your business goals and needs and help define a Twitter strategy that meets those objectives. We can also run internal training workshops with your own in-house team in order to better understand content calendar management, targeting nuances, and interpreting results.

Paid Social Training

Paid Social Training

Take charge of your business and empower your people! We offer complete bespoke training across every paid social service we provide. From how to craft perfect ad copy to interpreting your analytics, we can cover all of the bases - specially built for your business challenges.