Vinci Energies

Raising the profile of a key player in ecological transformation

  • 55 interviews with key media (Les Echos, City Mag, JDN, Le Figaro, L’Usine Digitale…)
  • 250 250 articles published in 3 years

The Objective

Ballou was hired to develop VINCI Energies’ reputation as a partner in digital transformation and energy, environmental transition in France and establish the brand as a key player in smart cities. Promoting VINCI Energies' innovation and open innovation policy as a key differentiator was also on the agenda.

The Campaign

The PR campaign mainly focuses on highlight VINCI Energies’ expertise – and business units (Omexom, Actemimum, Axians & VINCI Facilities) – and differentiate the branch the head office VINCI.

To this end, Ballou France implemented different tactics to maximize their impact and ensure maximum press coverage by:

  • Positioning VINCI Energies’ experts in special issues and through speaking engagements (media & events)
  • Reacting to news by sharing VINCI Energies unique vision;
  • Supporting major events – Hackathon, Viva Technology, Innovation Day, VINCI Media Day, Route du Rhum-Initiatives Coeur Support…

The Results

The main results of the campaign were:

Increase of Brand awareness of VINCI Energies, and Yves Meignie, its CEO. A better understanding of the organization vision and value proposition, especially compared to VINCI.

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