Caution! News is contagious

Avatar photo Colette Ballou - 12th Mar, 2020

Anyone else struggling to concentrate with constant news updates coming in about coronavirus?  Countries being put on lockdown, infection figure updates…    Working in PR we’re obviously used to a quick news turnaround, indeed we capitalise on it, and we’re very adept at filtering out the facts from the noise.  There are times though when a 24 hour news cycle simply adds to stress levels rather than helping us feel reassured.

We first saw this phenomenon in the news coverage after 9/11.  The same shots of the horror were used time and time again which meant we either became desensitised or repeatedly suffered the adrenalin rush of shock.

Of course, information is power and we all need to be informed, but you can afford to turn off your news feed for an hour or two.  Give your nervous system a break.   We don’t need to be breathless spectators to everything.

And in the meantime…go and wash your hands.

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