To launch the high end online contracts brand opening in France

  • 1200 Pieces of coverage
  • 4 Years of collaboration
  • 1 Pieces of coverage

The Objective

With aboalarm, consumers can quickly, easily and legally terminate, revoke and manage their contracts with over 20,000 providers – from mobile phones and Internet providers to car insurances.

The Campaign

In our work for aboalarm we do not only push news after news, but aim to establish them as a reliable and trustworthy source for consumer rights. We’ve been working with aboalarm since November 2014 and positioned the CEO as an expert for high profile journalists when it comes to consumer rights and also driving awareness for their core business.

We used collaborative studies, op-ed pieces, reactionary statements and traditional releases to secure coverage not only repeatedly in the most important national papers, TV, radio and online magazines, but in important verticals as well.

The Results

Ballou PR established aboalarm’s founder over the years as the go-to-expert for consumer rights in Germany. A team of two consultants worked closely with Dr. Bernd Storm van’s Gravesande and his team and secured more than 50 tv appearances including ARD, RTL, Sat.1 and coverage in more than 1000 national publications including brand eins, Die Zeit, Der Spiegel, Süddeutsche Zeitung, DIE WELT and many others.

The collaboration ended in the beginning of 2019, one year after the acquisition by ProSiebenSat1, one of Europes biggest media enterprises.

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