Our team

Ballou has 50 technology PR specialists who work with high-growth and high-value tech companies in corporate, B2B, B2C and venture capital PR as well as valuation-raising and crisis programmes

Colette Ballou


Cedric Voigt


Léonora Sama-Itoua

Managing Director France

Jörn Dunker

Managing Director Spain

Fiona Houston

Managing Director UK

Nicole Schaar

Managing Director Germany

Gowry Ganesh

Finance Director

Mathilde Pimor

European Marketing Manager

Mohammed Ali Keraoui

Senior Account Executive

Loukianos Zaganiaris

Senior Account Manager

I enjoyed every minute of working with such a professional, passionate and dedicated team. In just over a year of working together, Ballou put TWINO on the world media map.

Laura Krastina

Group Communications at TWINO

Lisa Meisterjahn

Associate Director

Marguerite Missiaen

Account Director

Thomas Duporge

Account Director

Mickaël Barreteau

Senior Account Manager

François Aubert

Account Director

Lisa King

EA to Chairwoman/HR & Wellbeing Manager

Toby Andrews

Senior Account Director

Caroline De Frias

Senior Account Executive

Sarah Friedl

Account Manager

Lucy Postlethwaite

Senior Account Manager

Clémence Combettes

Account Executive

Bettina Schwarzwaelder

Office Manager

Amy Padmore

Office Manager UK

Christoph Grimsel

Account Manager

Astrid Amegnran

Senior Account Executive

Eva Maciejewski

Senior PR Consultant

Niklas Wysk

Account Manager

Frida Adamska

PR Consultant

Matt Beese

Director of design & brand strategy

Dominic Alston

Account Manager

Molly Aysu

Account Executive

Leah Moll

Junior PR Consultant

Elliot Settle

Account Executive

Vera Gamper

Junior PR Consultant

Isa Kilian

Senior PR Consultant

Our purpose

Ballou is where the brightest and most talented people come together to help clients grow and succeed. Our colleagues join us because of our supportive culture that values individuality, inclusiveness and speaking truth to power, and because of our commitment to helping team members continually improve and learn.

We are bright and talented strategic counsellors to our clients and are trusted by journalists, influencers, analysts and event organisers to provide truthful, compelling news and content. We are aware of the wider social context of our work and how it influences public opinion, and we are ethical and responsible in all that we do.

Our mission

Our mission is to help our clients build their brands and grow and guard their reputations with creative and intelligent content and communication. To support our people as they seek to do this by nurturing a dynamic, supportive and inspiring workplace where innovative and challenging thinking is encouraged, and where the boundary between hard work and free time is always respected.

Our vision is to become the marketing communications company renowned for delivering measurable performance gains for our clients.

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