Ballou adds sparkle to its values

Avatar photo Colette Ballou - 4th Feb, 2021

If ever there was a time to celebrate everyday successes, it’s now. Ballou has inaugurated a “Corker of the Month” award in our UK, French and German offices, to be awarded to whichever member of staff embodies Ballou’s values best. 

It’s our core values, which include respect, humour, thoughtfulness and clarity, that have helped the teams cope and the business thrive through the stark days of coronavirus. 

Every Corker gets a bottle of Champagne or box of chocolates according to taste.  This month’s winners include a new joiner who’s shown a readiness to handle anything that comes his way, another member of staff who has maintained incredible motivation and another who always goes the extra mile for her teammates.

A corking start to 2021.

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