How to dominate the news in 2022: Tech PR tips for the new year

Avatar photo Fiona Houston - 5th Jan, 2022

Technology companies are almost always one step ahead of the curve when it comes to delivering innovation, change or modernisation. At the same time, there’s no doubt that it takes a strong PR strategy to relay a brand’s story in a way that transformational work can be conveyed to an audience that might not yet understand it. That’s where we, as PRs, come in – and here’s some thoughts on how to raise awareness of the great work you’re doing in 2022.

Place greater emphasis on contributed content

Due to the dwindling size of newsrooms, many media outlets now rely more heavily on contributed content. But that’s not to say that there is a shortage of submissions. We know and understand that our press contacts are inundated with press releases, pitches, and proposed articles, which is why we place great emphasis on ensuring that content is king. At Ballou, we craft compelling content across all channels but some of our most impactful work is thought leadership.

We advise on the right messaging and the leading outlets to ensure technology brands reach their target audience with impact. From opinion pieces in leading newspapers to bylines in some of the top technology trades, our expert team of PRs can convey messages succinctly and powerfully. We’re experts in our field and our craft, meaning we don’t need external copywriters to deliver content – everything is written by our account teams who know our clients best. This is what helps us hone in on key messages that resonate, ensuring we’re in front of an audience that matters for your business or organisation.

Encourage collaborative and consultative working

A lot can be said about the future of work – and already is. Mark Zuckerberg seems to be banking on us spending eight hours a day strapped to a VR headset working remotely from a virtual office in the metaverse. However, what technology brands need to focus on primarily is not where we work from, but how we work together, no matter where that is, and how that’s going to impact our society around us, as well as the campaigns we deliver to increase brand awareness and drive product or service driven revenues.

One of the best parts of working in PR is that we often get a seat at the top table when it comes to business decision-making. Or at least we should do it if a tech company knows how to work collaboratively effectively. After all, a strong communications strategy is essential when growing a fledgling startup or embarking on a new product or service launch. Often, this means that tech teams, marketing teams, sales teams, and PR teams need to come together to get things right. We always encourage our clients to let us consult them on their strategic thinking, as this is what helps us to dominate the headlines together in the most effective and profitable way.

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