The Commons enters the virtual real world

Avatar photo Colette Ballou - 7th May, 2020

Like the rest of us, the House of Commons will be embracing technology and holding sittings and meetings over Zoom.    A rapt nation awaits – who will be the one appearing in front of a backdrop of a Tahitian island with no knowledge of how to change it, whose cat will curvet about in front of the screen , who’ll be interrupted by a family member asking where the remote is and who will be told sternly “Will the Right Honourable Member please unmute himself at once?”

To Ballou PR this is welcome. A British institution taking its first tentative steps into the world the rest of us have been operating in happily for a decade.  First we’ve had an MP (Stella Creasy) with maternity cover being sworn in with her daughter swaddled to her, and now Zoom.  Whatever next?  Fingers crossed, it could even be a coherent communication strategy…..

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