Unlimited holidays for the employees at French startup Popchef!

Avatar photo Jörn Dunker - 12th Jul, 2017


At a meeting with our French client Popchef a few months ago, the founders talked about an HR measure they put in place in their company: unlimited holidays. We started to communicate about unresricted holidays in February and it is still generating media interest today. We had the chance to introduce Popchef to high-profile journalists from the French TV networks BFM TV and Arte. We also scheduled interviews for the founders of Popchef with other national publications including radio station Europe 1, national newspapers : Les Echos, Le Figaro, Challenges, 20 Minutes and many others, resulting in a total of about 50 articles, which included 14 written or radio interviews and two pieces of television coverage. We’re pleased to have seen a huge increase in brand awareness for Popchef since securing this media traction.

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